Online sales can't get any easier. The website builder allows you to link to "Amazon". Create  your webpage and get selling right away.


              ​ Advertising can be expensive.

               Either retail or online sales

You need an advantage. Place a entertaining video on a page with your advertising and share it with your customers. Your customers share the video with their friends with your advertising is



Create a business online selling    Amazon products !

     Create a small business online . Amazon is a great opportunity. There are other companies to do business online . You are not limited to just Amazon. Search Google. Find a company you are comfortable to work a business online.

    More people are purchasing with online business sales. The trend will continue for a long time. There is money to be made creating a business online.  

​You are on the right website to get started with online sales !

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                              FREE    ADVERTISING   VIDEOS


Advertising is expensive for a small business.  Let your customers do it for you free. Create a video for entertainment on a page. Add your advertising to the page. When the video is shared, the advertising is shared for free. The more the customers share the video, the more the advertising is shared for free. Your customers are FREE advertising!


  You a small business owner can create a website builder from the Hosting page. It is easy. You can create a website builder yourself. If you are not computer savvy, tech sport can help you with a website builder for a small business.


The Back Office has a great affiliate program. You can use their hosting page services as an alternative and place your video on their page and link to an existing website for a small business.


  The third page is to interest you in Selling Amazon products.  It is easier than you think. Plus there are lots of other companies looking for someone like you to sell their products. You can be an affiliate and make money at your small business.


  Do you already have a product you want to sell online at your small business ? This is your chance . We live in an era where online sales is vibrant. I'm sure you realize you need a shopping cart, SSL Certificates, Hosting, Domain and either a Website Builder or Word press. 

    The website builder is the easiest way to get started. Website builder is simple. Website builder is the fastest.

Videos has been created to assist you if you decide to advertise using a video. Instructions and tutorials are added along with entertaining  videos. More will be added.

F R E E !